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About Us

ConnectomX Ltd was founded in 2018 by two young scientist friends, Stuart and Cheng, whose interests (outside of their wives and children!) are in cutting edge science and technology.

A casual discussion on life science and electron microscopy whilst strolling along the banks of the River Ock in Abingdon rapidly snowballed into the idea of creating a cost-effective universal microtome that could transform almost any SEM microscope into a volume SEM. 

The idea quickly moved on from the kitchen table modelling. Component manufacturers and suppliers have often been tested to meet unique challenges.  A prototype was first tested on an SEM in 2018. Following another year of testing and improvement, the first katana microtome was released on Microscopy & Microanalysis Congress in 2019.

More innovative ideas are in the pipeline. 


Stuart has a background in nuclear fusion physics and biological sciences and brings technical expertise to the company in the areas of mechanical and electronic design, FEA simulation and precision manufacturing. Stuart also uses his previous experience (as applications specialist at a leading microscopy company) to guide product development in relation to new and existing applications, as well as networking with researchers and potential customers in the field.

Cheng has a background in chemistry and graduated with a DPhil in materials science from the University of Oxford. His PhD research in semiconductor quantum dot solar cells has gain him a broad experience in chemistry, materials science, physics, electron microscopy, electronics and programming.  After post-doc, he worked as a research scientist in a chemical company and then as a production engineer in  a microscopy company.

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