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About Us

Our passion for Volume Electron Microscopy is to empower all scientists to visualise and comprehend the volumetric intricacies of life on a microscopic scale  to promote the advancement of human discovery and the battle against disease.

Our Story

Founded in 2018, ConnectomX emerged from the shared vision of two scientist friends who were fueled by a mutual passion for pushing the boundaries of volume electron microscopy. We envisioned a universal tool that could complement and enhance the capabilities of existing scanning electron microscopes (SEMs) across the globe.

katana microtome came to life with this vision and became the world's first universal in-situ ultramicrotome, designed to fit seamlessly with any SEM, transforming it into a volume SEM, achieving a Z resolution at 20 nm.

Our story, however, does not end with the creation of the katana microtome. It continues with our commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction. This understanding drives us to continuously improve, optimise, and push the boundaries of what's possible with volume electron microscopy.

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